Looking for something fun to do in Yakushima? Here a few of my top Yakushima tips! Where to eat, what to do, things to do on a rainy day...

Looking for something to do in Yakushima? Here a few of my top Yakushima tips! Where to eat, what to do, things to do on a rainy day...

Other Guides

All my beautiful and reliable Yakushima guide friends!

Yakushima Experience

Yakushima Experience

Cameron and Satono are great guides who live here over 8 years! I like their guiding style! Relax/Fun/be your self!

Yakushima Life

Yakushima Life

Jennifer is women english guide. She loves mountain and she knows so much knowledge about Yakushima!

Mori no Tabibito

Mori no Tabibito

Kenta and Nao both have great personality and can speak great english! They focus on your soul!

Green Mount Yakushima

Green Mount

Aki and Tomo are my surfing friends! Fun people! They do mountain guide but I like their Stand up paddle  tour! Tomo can do Standup paddle yoga too!



Fuma is super powerful stand up paddle and kayaking guide! You can charge nature's power and her power too!

Eating Out

Yakushima has many fantastic restaurats and cafés!

Panorama Yakushima


This restaurant is actually so great!  The reason I moved to Yakushima was to work as Panorama's opening staff!

Cottage Davis

Café & Cottage Davis

Shoko and Graham are professional! It has been 20 years when they started their restaurant. Also a guest house.

Kamogawa Bento

Kamogawa Bento

If you go to the mountain, take the 'TAKENOHA BENTO' – this will satisfied your tummy!


Issou Coffee Roastery

Yakushima's proper coffee shop, this is the one. They roast only specialty coffee beans. Try at the ferry terminal!

Sora Umi Gelato Yakushima

Sora-Umi Gelato

They serve local products within gelato! Get gelato and the eat on the hammock inside their shop!


Shiba Tofu

I call them my Yakushima parents. They are super friendly. Making everyone’s favorite tasty tofu! You can go there and try / buy tofu and soy milk straight from their small factory.


local Yakushima crafts and products

Tsubaki Shoten

Tsubaki Shoten

This shop is organic grocery and local souvenir shop. They also have cafe section as well :)

pon pon yakushima

Pon Pon

Talented guy makes cool leather shoes and some stuffs!  Little shop but worth to check out!



New face in yakushima! His items are classic, simple=beautiful

Takeda Sangyo

Takeda Sangyo

They sell a range of Yakushima food products, teas, and other gifts. So many types of Yakusugi cedar goods too! 



Sojiro and Chiemi are great couple! They make original T-shirts inspired by Yakushima! There are many patterns! I’m sure you will like it!

Rental Gear

Test Here are two shops where you can rent hiking boots, rain gear, really anything you need for trekking in the mountains. Even tents and sleeping bags!


Rental Yamashita

They have shops in Anbo and Miyanoura.



Nice shop in Anbo with wide selection of nice outdoor gear.

Get Outside

Yakushima is famous for it's mountains and trails, here are some other outside activites to try!

Cosmo Yakushima Hirauchi Ocean Onsen

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen

You have to visit around low tide. Usually 2 hours before and after are good!

Onoaida Onsen

Onoaida Onsen

Local onsen! 49 degrees C! That is hot! How much you can get in?!

Yaku Shrine

Yaku Shrine

I feel peaceful when I am here... welcoming atomosphere :) It's the oldest shrine in Yakushima.

Ohko no take cosmo

Ohko Waterfall 

Powerful waterfall! Called Ohko-no-Taki in Japanese. I always get power from this waterfall!


Inakahama Beach

Yakushima is famous for it’s mountains, but this beach is the most attractive in yakushima!

Indoor Activities

Because sometimes it does rain in Yakushima

Make your own chopsticks

Chop Stick Carving

Make your own chopsticks (hashi) by yourself! Try Sugi no Ya or Senninsan no hashizukuri.


Ananda Chillage Yoga

Chillax time is here... flow your heart! Ananda Chillage offers yoga and also accommodation.

Ennel and Tento


Ennel and Tento are great for massage. My specutacular therapists!

Yakusugi Museum

Yakusugi Museum 

Who loves cedar? Go there and get so much information about cedar and Yakushima history!


Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center

Welcome to Yakushima! First thing to do is visit here and get some tips!

Where to Stay

From camping to luxury hotels, you find it!

Moss Ocean House

Moss Ocean House

Ocean view and chilled place ;) Look at the stars with Goemon-buro (Cauldron Bath).


Yaedake Lodge

10 minutes away from Miyanoura village. In to the forest and river!!



If your looking for a luxury stay in Yakushima, definatelly stay here!!!


Kurio Camp Site

Bring your tent, or they have bungalows, too. See the beautiful sunset during summer season.

Getting to Yakushima

Yakushima is a small island just south of Kagoshima city. We are part of Kagoshima prefecture, at the very south of Kyushu.

Access to Yakushima is by Toppy (hydrofoil ferry–7 or 8 times a day from Kagoshima, takes 2.5 hours), slow car ferry (once or twice a day from Kagoshima, takes 4 hours), or by air to Yakushima Airport (3 to 5 times daily from Kagoshima, once daily from Fukuoka and once daily from Osaka).

That is just the basics, contact me if you keed more help getting here!

Cosmo Yakushima

(090) 8225-8937

(090) 8225-8937

(090) 8225-8937

(090) 8225-8937

(090) 8225-8937